100 Rupees Agreement

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2. a letter, an article, a document, a parcel, a parcel, a parcel or a shipment, regardless of the nature or description, or under any name, of a person, a courier company, a company or a body of persons registered in the sender of that letter, item, document, parcel, parcel, parcel, parcel, parcel or any shipment, gives part or part of that amount; STAMPS TO BE USED – Glue 11 32. EXCHANGE OF PROPERTY – Instrument of – The same obligation that can be imposed on a transport under the terms of thought (a), b), c, or d, according to Article 25, on the market value of the most valuable assets. EXCISE BOND, see customs obligation or excise obligation (Article 28). STAMPS TO BE USED – No – Judicial Stamp Paper Rule 6 or Impressed Label/Special Adhesive Stamp Paper under Rule 11. 33. The FURTHER CHARGE instrument of an instrument that imposes an additional burden on mortgaged real estate – The same tax that can be levied on transport under the reflection clauses (a), (b) or, if applicable, Article 25, for the amount of the additional levy guaranteed by that instrument. (a) whether the original mortgage is one of the descriptions in section 40, point a). (b) where such a mortgage is one of the descriptions in clause (b) of section 40 (i.e. without possession). (i) where, at the time of the performance of the overload instrument, the possession of property is granted under that instrument.

The same tariff levied on a transport under clause (a), (b), (c) or d, if applicable, section 25, for the total amount of the tax (including the initial mortgage and any other cost already collected) reduced by the tax already paid on that initial mortgage and other taxes. (ii) if possession is not assured. 1.[Five rupees for each of five cents or part for the amount of the additional charge that will be provided by such an instrument, subject to the minimum of one hundred rupees and the maximum of five lakh rupees.] STAMPS TO BE USED – No – Judicial Stamp Paper Rule 6 or Impressed Label /Special Adhesive Stamp Paper Rule 11. Although each stamp paper has a monetary value, it cannot be treated as a negotiable instrument or exchanged as a banknote. The document is used for the authenticity of official agreements. Documents with legal implications, such as lease, purchase and sale of real estate, commercial/contractual contracts, loan/financial transactions, power of attorney, sworn insurance, statutes, statutes, loan of compensation, declaration, mortgage and gift certificate are executed, among other things, on stamp documents in order to make them legitimate and legally enforceable.

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