A Field Guide To Lake And Streambed Alteration Agreements

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Please note that « every river, stream or lake » includes those that are episodic (they are dry for periods) as well as those that are multi-year (they circulate all year round). These include volatile streams, desert water and streams with an underground river. It may also apply to work done in the flood zone of a body of water. Step 3: Send the completed notification form with all the required paper boxes and with the appropriate notification fee to the regional or local agency CDFW that serves the area in which the project will take place. To inform the CDFW of one of the activities described above, you must complete the following approval process: Step 2: Determine the registration fee passed on with the completed registration form. Step 1: Complete the Lake or Streambed Alteration (LSA) notification form. The application for authorization is decided in one of four ways: Fish and Game Code Section 1602 requires each agency (defined as any person, public or public authority or public service agency) to notify the California Department of Wildlife and Nature (CDFW) before starting an activity that performs one or more of the following activities:

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