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It should be noted that this clause is present in many of the programs we use, z.B. Windows and Word. It should also be noted that sales and sales contracts, purchase and export contracts, travel and admission to other countries for medical treatment, since all visits can only be concluded after the signing of agreements with a clause imposing a decision on the courts on the basis of laws adopted by man in the event of a violation of conditions or disputes. Saying it is forbidden and unauthorized puts a lot of pressure on people and causes a lot of harshness, but Allah has not imposed distress on us in religion. We all know that there is currently no global Islamic tribunal to which the Muslim can refer in the event of a dispute over such global treaties. Whoever signs this agreement does not abandon the reference to judge the laws of Allah, that it be increased because these laws are not applied at all in most Muslim countries, so how about non-Muslim countries? If it is permissible for the Muslim to pass these courts on to a decision in order to obtain his rights or to deny damages to himself, it is more appropriate and easier for him to say that he is authorized to sign this agreement without approving this clause and without disapproving it. The believer`s heart should feel comfortable with faith, and he should have the intention in his heart not to agree with the invalid clauses (from the Islamic point of view) in their treaties. We hope that this issue will be admissible in the future. (2) The product must be described in detail by indicating its name, nature, colour, country of production, size of packaging, quantity in each package and other important characteristics affecting the price, so that there is no dispute between seller and buyer when the product is delivered. It is not necessary to mention non-important information that does not affect the buyer or that affects the price and that does not need to be agreed upon. It is permissible for the sanction clause to be attached to the original contract or defined in a subsequent agreement before a problem arises. It is an agreement that gives the buyer of this option – who owns the financial certificates – the right to sell a certain number of shares or other financial certificates at a certain price within a specified time frame, but he is not obliged to sell, so it is optional.

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