Animal Purchase Agreement

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If you are considering buying an animal, such as a dog, from a breeder, it is best to put the terms of the sale in a sales contract. This helps to avoid problems that occur on the street due to simple misunderstandings between you and the breeder. After you have entered into your sales contract, have it signed by both parties and make sure that everyone will receive a copy of the signed contract. It`s a good idea for parties to talk a few days after the buyer receives the animal to make sure everything goes smoothly and solve any problems that have arisen. Sales contracts can be adapted as necessary to reflect the mutual promises of the parties. Think about the specific things that matter to you in this transaction and try to write them down in a way that both parties can agree on. The following list can help you establish your contract. If you want the animal to be registered, indicate that if you make sure the animal has a particular family tree, explain it in the contract. Consider conditioning the final purchase on the animal to be examined by an independent third party who can check the family tree, health and other properties of the animal. You can also try to require the seller to attach a certificate to the parent`s family tree or include the parents` registration numbers. Of course, you want a fair price, so be sure to do your research before making an offer. Once you have agreed on a price, you will want to know what will be there.

Does the price include vaccines, spaying or castration or only the animal? The seller should describe the history of the animal`s health in the agreement, including when and what vaccinations he received. It is also customary for sellers to offer a guarantee that the animal is healthy, with the exception of the health problems mentioned. This may sound strange, but it will reduce the risk that the seller will hide a well-known health condition and may even offer protection if the seller did not know. Consider adding a clause stating that you can return the animal or charge your bills to the seller if a veterinarian finds a health problem costly within one month of purchase. The bill for the sale of animals is a valuable contract that can be implemented when selling livestock such as cattle, horses, sheep, pigs, etc. The seller and buyer meet to list the specific facts of the sale in the document, which is a report on what happened. Once the two parties have agreed on the terms of sale, they complete and sign the form in which they verify that a rebate has taken place. While waiting for a meeting with an interested customer, you should prepare the animal (s) for sale.

Depending on the species, some animals must be prepared and prepared prior to the demonstration. Also collect all documents relating to the animals sold, such as Z.B, registration documents, medical records and 2 copies of the sales invoice. If so, collect all the equipment you want to include in the sale of livestock.

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