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In Austria, part-time work is defined by law (work time law) as any job for which the agreed weekly working time is on average less than the normal duration of legal, conventional or construction work. Collective agreements and enterprise agreements can only agree on a shorter normal working time. Since 2007 (amendment of the Working Time Act), a 25% increase in pay has been introduced for extra work (including normal working time). Overtime work is defined up to the normal working time limit (40 hours per week), so that overtime pay rates generally start beyond the 40-hour limit, so the amendment introduced an improved rate of pay for part-time work below the 40-hour limit. Adoptive or adoptive fathers are as eligible as same-sex partners (adopted or adoptive parents). A written agreement with the employer is required; there is no legal right to the family bonus period. The minimum wage for agricultural aid in Austria varies from state to state, with each country having its own collective agreements. Consultation and participation rights; Entering into an enterprise agreement with the Directorate of Social Affairs (not on wage issues) In general, all employees are entitled to an uninterrupted weekly rest of 36 hours, which must include Sundays (in this case, it is called « weekend rest »). However, weekend rest waivers are governed by the ARG (No.

10 to 22). For example, staff may be assigned to cleaning and maintenance, care and care, or monitoring and safety tasks. In addition, ministerial decrees may exempt the following types of work from Sunday work: the work required to meet basic needs or to manage transportation and communication means, which require continuous exploitation for technical reasons, cannot be postponed due to the risk of deterioration of raw materials or the need to become recreational. , recreational or touristic. Weekend work is subject to special rules, for example. B the work of staff at fairs and markets, transport workers, hospital staff and drivers of certain vehicles.

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