Beauty Salon Partnership Agreement

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Lindberg and Dent`s salon is proof that collaboration with friends and family can be a positive experience for all participants. They say, « We both think it was great, and we`re really happy to work together and do what we love to do with such wonderful colleagues and clients. » The unused area on your second floor of about 1800 square meters would suit us perfectly. We will rearrange this space to contain the following small spaces. Hair and nail salon This main room would house our reception and four hairdressing rooms, each consisting of a hairdresser`s chair with counter, mirror, sink and storage drawer. In one corner we would find our nail and pedicure salon, which contains two workstations with chairs, tables and storage areas. A first challenge for the couple was to learn how to create boundaries between professional and private life. « Especially in the beginning, there were so many details to watch out for that every time we got together, it was just the living room, » says Dent. « We learned to enjoy our personal time and not always let the work overflow. » I think the room is the perfect size for a new elagance and spa salon. We share the same clientele, and adding a spa to your facility would increase business for both of us. Please read the attached documents and then arrange a meeting to discuss this wonderful opportunity. The RoseRock Health Club and the Elaganz Lounge and Spa are perfect for a mutually beneficial partnership. « A complete package of health and beauty care for your members, at no additional cost to you. » « Salon professionals may misunderstood making money by building prosperity, and without heads in time up, leave the living room with little to show for a living room working life.

I have seen it too often. We are the ultimate beauty professionals, specializing in the spoiling of our customers. When we enter the lounge, we offer a gourmet chocolate to each guest, and if there is a waiting time, we offer coffee, tea or lemon water. Before being accompanied to a beauty chair, we offer all guests a freshly washed Egyptian cotton winding to protect their clothes. Our music is composed of muted Selections of New Age intended to calm the mind and calm the restless mind. When the pandemic hit, I turned my store into a mobile living room. After a year where I overcame personal and professional obstacles, it was my magic sauce to succeed in staying adaptable. Massage rooms 2 Each massage room includes a massage bed, storage areas for sheets and oils, as well as devices for playing beneficial music during massages. Facial space The facial space would include two workstations with sun loungers and storage areas. Different types of facials and associated beauty methods, such as growth, hanger and dyeing, would take place here. Toilets and changing rooms We would need a small toilet for guests and employees and an adjacent cloakroom where guests can safely close their belongings….

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