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Above you will find both English-speaking and Danish models that apply to both a unilateral and reciprocal confidentiality agreement. They can be used for free if you create a user on Contractbook. There you can create contracts, sign them with a digital signature and store them in a cloud. A confidentiality agreement (NDA) is a legal document that protects the parties to the agreement from the disclosure of confidential information. In Danish, an NDA is referred to as a confidentiality agreement. The signatory of an NDA is prevented from communicating the information or data to which he accesses and which is covered by the NDA. When companies are about to enter into a cooperation agreement, it often means that they have to provide technical, commercial or financial information that they wish to keep secret. In such cases, the parties may enter into a confidentiality agreement. In this way, information that is not otherwise protected can be kept secret. Confidentiality of information may be necessary before the conclusion of a cooperation agreement, during the term of the agreement and after the termination of the agreement. Since most cooperation agreements already contain a confidentiality clause, this model only deals with the situation before the parties have concluded an agreement. A CD-ROM and a paper version are available for your publication.

The CD-ROM and the paper version contain a confidentiality agreement in 9 languages: English, French, German, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, Italian, Spanish and Swedish. Free presentations and legal instructions for a confidentiality agreement It is customary to establish a ceasefire within the NDA itself, so that the parties agree in advance on the value of a breach of confidentiality in dollars and ears. In the case of a unilateral ASN, only one party may pay a conventional penalty, while both parties of the reciprocal DNNs may have to pay a conventional penalty. If your party has signed an NDA and nevertheless discloses the confidential information, it is possible to obtain financial compensation for the infringement. This type of compensation is called a conventional barn; in English, it is often called lump sum damages or contractual penalties. . A confidentiality agreement is used to protect the confidential information of one or more parties from disclosure. In principle, all kinds of information can be protected, but a confidentiality agreement is usually used to protect inventions, customer lists, financial matters, patents and other trade secrets.

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