Equity Special Appearance Agreement

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(H) extensions. The first race is limited to no more than 20 performances at Level I and 25 performances at Level II. The producer can increase up to 20 (or 25) performance benefits by increasing the salary of all Equity Actors by as much as $50.00 per week. Only such an extension is permitted. Post-mortem benefits would only be allowed under the terms of another equity agreement. (I) Costumes. The manufacturer supplies all suits and clothing with the exception of modern conventional underwear. The actor should not use a personal wardrobe in the production. Should the Actor agree to rent any wardrobe to the Producer for use in any production, he must do so by means of a rider to the employment contract, at a rental fee negotiated to the mutual agreement of the Actor and the Producer but no less than the following:Item 1st Two weeks of Performance All Subsequent weeksCoat/Jacket $ 7.00 $ 3.50Suit Jacket 7.00 3.50Blouse 2.00 1.00Dress 5.00 2.50Ensemble (Complete outfit) 30.00 15.00Jeans 2.00 1.00Shirt 2.50 1.30Skirt 5.00 2.50Shoes/Sneakers 4.00 2.00Shorts 2.00 1.00Slacks 5.00 2.50Suit 20.00 10.00Sweater 3.00 1.50Tie .50 .30Hat 2.00 1.00Evening Gown 15.00 7.50Slip/Bra 2.00 1.00Nightgown 2.00 1.00Bathing Suit 2.00 1.00Miscellaneous .50 .30(Purse, jewelry, etc.) For clothing that does not appear in this schedule, the rent is negotiated by mutual agreement between the actor and the producer. If the producer has provided appropriate costumes for the actor`s use in the production, but the actors choose to wear their own clothes from the actor, the producer is not obliged to pay a rental fee.4. SAFETY AND PLUMBING. The manufacturer provides the actor, under the direction of Equity, with a safe and sanitary workstation, including rehearsal, performance and changing rooms.

Dance is not permitted on cement or other hard surfaces or on platforms that are placed directly on these hard surfaces.5. TAPING, FILMING, RECORDING. There must be no television, radio, visual and/or sound recordings, video recordings or other mechanical or electronic reproductions, in whole or in part of a production, 4 The Special Appearances Agreement was created to allow equity members to cooperate, on a case-by-case basis, with their small local community theatre groups in areas outside major market cities. The agreement provides Equity members with an occasional service to track artistic possibilities outside of standard situations (hence the term « special phenomenon »); it was not designed as a routine means of employment.

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