Jeddah Agreement Upsc

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The STC also won a major political victory in consolidating the military defeat it inflicted on government forces in the first round of confrontations in August 2019, and secured control of three provinces (Aden, Lahj and Dhalea). The STC is now a full partner in the Hadi government and is recognized by the agreement and its sponsors as the strongest of the political units in the South. The agreement in this sense is a qualitative change for the STC, which it ultimately plans to separate or lead the South as a fully autonomous region as part of a comprehensive political solution. The agreement could serve as a means for the STC to consolidate its military and security control over some of the southern governorates. It does not explicitly determine the status of forces dispersing on the west coast, which continue to escape the control of the Ministry of Defence. Nor does it determine the status of Socotra, where tensions between the local government and loyal elements of the STC continue to escalate. This ambiguity may open the door to further clashes, particularly if the STC fails to meet its obligation to withdraw from government camps and buildings or to integrate its troops under the government`s defence and interior ministries.4 The government will not stand idly by and will allow the STC to evade its responsibilities under the agreement. This can lead to outbreaks if we consider that the various poles of regional and partisan politics that have served as drivers of the violence that periodically shook the South,5 these provisions settle the second point of the agreement. Troops who have advanced towards Aden, Abyan and Shabwa since early August 2019 will return to their original positions and take their place within a fortnight of the signing of local security forces. During the same period, military and security forces stationed in the city of Aden will be disarmed and deployed outside the city, under supervision and on the timetables set by the coalition. All government and STC troops inside Aden governorate will be transferred to camps outside the governorate, in accordance with the guidelines established by the coalition command.

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