Pakistan India Salt Agreement

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Since Pakistan wants peace with India, it has continued to make salt available to its neighbour to meet its internal needs. 20, hard cotton waste cut or pieces no more than three inches in length 21. Cotton and cotton seeds in oil 22. Cotton seeds fuselage 23. Cotton seeds or shells 24. Cotton durries and carpets for flooring 25. Cotton ropes and niwar 26, fishing ropes 27. cotton fishing nets 28. cotton rags 29.

cotton yarn 30. cotton textiles (grey or specialty products) 31. torso 32. torso 33. sewing thread 34. Finished clothes 35. Absorbing wool 36 38. Unprocessed raw silk waste 39. Cumin seeds 40. Castor seeds and castor cakes 41. Oil cakes, all species 42.

guar seeds and their by-products 43. Essential oils 44. Shark liver oil 45. Methyled Spirit 46. Power Alcohol 47. Molasse 47-A. Dhanicha Seeds 47-B. Chuna Khari Pearls 47-C. Eggs and poultry 47 D. Books and periodicals Dried fish.

, fishmeal and sea fish 49. Crushed bones, flours and bone grains 50. Dust and bone tendons and similar items 51. Horns and hooves, crushed and unfed, including shavings 52. Honey and bees cement 53. Herbs, raw medicines, extracts and local medicines and medicines 54. Artemissia 55. Ephedra and ephedrine chlorhydrates, including crystals and extracts 56. Santonine 57. medicines and medicines 58.

Glycerin 59. chemicals 60. pyrethrum insecticide 61. turpentine 62. henna leaves and powder 63. saltpeter 64. rosine 65. Gem salt and sea salt 66. Chrome 67 Gips. 08. Magnesium silicate (soap) 69.

sodium silicate 70. limestone and limestone (only from western Pakistan) 71. Surgical instruments, including parts and accessories 72, Instruments and medical devices, dental and veterinary, hospital equipment 74. Surgical rubber 75. scissors, all types 76. covered 77. Household Utensils 77-A. Forest Produce 77-B, Fresh Fruits 77-C. Green Spices 77-D. Betel Nuts 78. Aluminium, brass, copper and other metal works All types 79.

Material all types 80. Machines and parts 81. Mechanical tools 82. Electrical items including fans, etc. 83. Musical instruments, including pieces and accessories 84. Marble items 85. Ivory items 86.

Brass and ivory wood items put in ivory 87.

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