Plural For Service Level Agreement

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If this contract is used, the following terms must have the respective meaning that applies to the singular forms and plural forms of the defined terms: C-Facts may degrade the severity if the client is unable to provide adequate resources or responses to enable C-Facts to continue its efforts to resolve incidents. (i) customer data, software, changes made by the customer to services or materials provided or made available by the customer in connection with the use of the services. (ii) the combination of services with services that are not in the supplier`s possession, data or business processes that do not come from the supplier; or damages attributable to the value of using a service, data processes or business processes that are not in the supplier`s possession; The customer will defend the supplier and its subsidiaries against all claims of a third party that is not a subsidiary: (i) in the sense that customer data or software that is not in the supplier`s possession and does not provide with the services used by the customer violates the third party`s patent, intellectual property or trademark rights or deliberately uses the supplier`s business secrets; or (ii) with respect to the customer`s use of the services and in violation of this contract. The client must pay the amount determined by a possible negative judgment, which is made on a fixed and definitive basis (or which is concluded in a transaction that the client gives his consent). This clause contains the supplier`s only recourse against these rights. A service level contract is a collection of agreements regarding the service agreed in accordance with the end user licensing agreement. If the customer feels that the services purchased are not working properly, they can contact C-Facts customer service to take into account the quality of the services on the basis of a service level contract. The terms defined here and used in this ALS have here, both in their singular and in the plural, meaning, the rest of the defined terms having the meaning that is described in the other documents that make up the contract. « Applicable monthly price » refers to the total price paid by the customer for a service and valid for the month in which a service credit is due.

« inactivity time, » the total number of minutes in a month during which service functionality is not made available to the customer and hence users, with the exception of (i) Scheduled Downtime and (ii) service downtime due to the restrictions outlined in Clause 5 below. Similarly, downtime must be understood as any period, as announced at the beginning of this definition, in which services are not available after measurement in the provider`s data centres, provided that this measure has the effect of having access to services using access, authentication and tracking methods. « incident »: (i) any event or (ii) any series of events a result of downtime. « planned inactivity period, » cases in which the provider publishes the customer to the customer at least two (2) business days before the start of this period of inactivity on downtime related to maintenance or network, hardware or service updates or informs the customer. « service credit, » the percentage of applicable monthly service prices paid to the customer after the supplier approves the claim. « Service level » refers to performance measures that the provider is willing to meet when delivering services, as defined in this ALS. 8.1 Software, content and third-party services provided by the customer. Customers, businesses and associates can use third-party software, content or services to access services.

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