Scheduling Agreement Jit

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Each IDOC is transferred to the app by workflow. The IDOC is open in the application modules and the data it contains is imported. In the SAP system, the portion related to the sale is determined by the imported data. Any specific transformation required for this part sold is imported. These accesses must be defined in customizing. If no adjustment is made, the IDOC cannot be scheduled. The system then attempts to determine an appropriate delivery plan. If a certain delivery plan can be determined, the IDOC is planned in the background. If no timetable can be determined or, more generally, in the event of a development error, an email is sent to the responsible user`s inbox. The IDOC must then be processed by e-mail (leading online processing for error messages or posting messages/notes).

In the component outsourcing industry, there are generally rules on how and how much material should be packaged. To enter such a proposal, go to the preview screen of the delivery plans. In the Rounding Quantity field, enter the amount of the item to be packed. Then select Edit –> packaging proposal to reach the packaging screen. For more information on the packaging, check out the shipping package. The functions described in it can also be used in the delivery plan. The development of the automotive industry is done through an external agent. In most cases, the external agent is a forwarder who has a warehouse in the immediate vicinity of a car manufacturer`s factory.

The component supplier delivers to the external agent`s warehouse based on the automaker`s delivery plans. The external agent delivers the car manufacturer to the warehouse according to JIT delivery plans. In the SAP system, processing with external agents is done via a delivery plan with an external agent (type of LK command). In LK`s delivery plan, the external agent is defined as a ship-to-party partner and a special storage partner. The consignment stock is established for the external agent when the goods are distributed. If the external agent provides materials to the customer, he also sends deliveries to the component supplier (by fax or EDI). A record release order linked to the delivery plan is displayed in the SAP (type DE) system and a record release is launched. This increases the cumulative amount emitted. When the deposit is published, a billing document is established for the debtor. For the comparison and correction of withdrawals, the type of command EDKO (External Agent Issue Correction) is used. The EDK category is used for positive corrections. The category of EDK1 items is defined for negative corrections.

These must be entered manually. Framework agreements are in place between automotive companies and their suppliers on predictable overall material supply volumes within a period of time. These materials are released by classifications. Delivery plans are subject to frequent changes that are communicated to the supplier by EDI or on paper (fax) in the form of normal delivery plans, JIT delivery plans and synchronous delivery plans. Current delivery plans can replace all or part of the dates and quantities in previous delivery plans. Can someone explain to me the difference between the prognosis of the types of planning agreement sharing (FRC) and the just-in-time (JIT). To establish a delivery plan with delivery plans, make it as follows: If the field quantity is maintained in the delivery plan, the delivery quantity is rounded, so that complete delivery units can be delivered.

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