Service Level Agreement Dashboard

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It`s important to monitor the service level in real time, as it provides an active barometer of your call center`s current performance. If the service level varies, you need to know this immediately to resolve the issue. The level of service can be influenced by a number of issues, for example.B. a higher than expected number of calls, unexpected service outages, or high agent absences. In the Add SLA window, select the service level objective that you created, click Add, and then click OK. You can add multiple service-level objectives. Pursuing SLAs and KPIs, if the customer has a global presence, can be quite challenging. In such situations, FieldEquip can help you maintain everything smoothly. Set custom times for each location and formulate a service level agreement that works for both you and your customer. Once the agreement is established, the triggers to stop or stop the SLA become very easy. After you configure a service level target, you can create a service dashboard view to monitor the service level target. The service dashboard view shows a service level grid and a service level goal grid that lists the different targets that have a target or target value, and whether the success is greater or lower than that goal for the currently selected SLA/instance. If you select a target in the grid service level objectives, a measuring device and diagram are displayed, as shown in the figure below.

Key Performance Indicators or KPIs help you track your company`s work and how to continue to grow. With FieldEquip, you can display any aspect of your company`s KPIs on fully customizable dashboards with unlimited widgets and metrics. Real-time information allows you to get the most up-to-date information about your work and finances. This latest information will help you monitor every aspect of your production and service performance for your sorting and fulfillment centers. On the Specify Zone page in the Last section, set the time period to display in the Dashboard view, and then click Next. You can filter criteria to display categories, assignment groups, a total service defect, historical performance, or other relevant statistical information. You can view statistical metrics through a dashboard. For example, you can view the current status of incidents that contain Service Level Target (SLT) statistics: Enter a name for the dashboard display on the General Properties page. The description is optional. Click Next. If you`re managing multiple customers, pursuing your service level agreements and KPIs, make sure you`re doing your job and doing it right.

It`s important to keep an eye on service level agreements to ensure your customers are satisfied. Our easy-to-use user interface allows you to create, edit, delete, pause, hang and close all SLAs in the file. In-app color coding and email notifications mean you`ll never miss an important topic again or lose sight of after-sales service agreements. KPI service level measures your ability to provide the service standard agreed in the Service Level Agreement (SLAs) for your customers. An SLA is your call center`s promise to maintain a certain standard of service for your customers and customers, and the SLA usually states that your call center is required to answer a certain percentage of calls within a certain number of seconds, for example. B answer 75% of calls in 20 seconds. The measuring instrument shows the average current value as well as the reference value and an indication of the value and objective relationship corresponding to success (green) or failure (red) .. . . .

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