Student Volunteer Agreement

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Once admitted as a volunteer (counsellor/coach) and under the university`s COVID-19 protocols, you must complete a health questionnaire before each visit. You do not have a working relationship with the university and do not receive compensation for your volunteer work and you are not entitled to benefits, including, but not exclusively, disability or work benefit, health insurance or unemployment insurance. They must have their own health and wellness insurance. The first step to volunteering (adviser/coach) at Wittenberg University is to fill out a volunteer contract form. This allows us to conduct a substantive review and give you permission for your role. For those who have been volunteers in Wittenberg for some time, this is a new process. As a volunteer, you are not allowed to act on behalf of the university in matters of business, including the purchase of real estate, signing contracts, leases or other agreements, hiring or monitoring staff or attempting to link the university to an agreement. You are not entitled to speak publicly on behalf of the university. As a volunteer, you are free at all times to stop volunteering. The university, on the other hand, reserves the right to terminate voluntary relations at any time, without reason and at its discretion. If applicable, all members of the Sports Department, including volunteers, must follow the department`s guidelines and all the rules of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) and the North Shore Athletic Conference (NCAC).

As a volunteer, you agree to behave at the university in a manner consistent with the university`s values and mission and are subject to the university`s standards of conduct and guidelines, including the university`s standards of safety and security, sexual harassment and sexual misconduct, drug and alcohol abuse, confidentiality, tobacco-free campuses, non-discrimination and equality of opportunity. These guidelines can be checked in the university staff manual. Visitor parking lots are located in the city streets and designated visitor parking lots along the street in front of the recitation hall, on the grounds adjacent to the student centre and on The Krieg Hall Square at the corner of N. Fountain Ave. W. Ward St. visitors are as expected as other members of the university community. Wittenberg is a hiking campus and visitors can easily walk from one side of the campus to the other in 10 minutes. Campus parking is monitored by campus police and, although the parking policy is very relaxed during the summer months, the regulations are enforced during the academic year. Visitors are encouraged to report to the campus police or the recitation room registration department to obtain a free parking permit for « visitors. »

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