This Agreement Shall Commence Means

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7.1 The customer is solely responsible for providing the site`s information content, that is, all the information he wishes to reproduce on the site, whether it is hidden or visible by a user`s consultation of the site. The customer expressly guarantees that such information content does not violate generally accepted legislation, regulations, contracts or codes of conduct and does not violate the rights of third parties. The client is committed to complying with all generally accepted laws, regulations, contracts or codes of conduct that prevent, limit or regulate the dissemination of such information. B as advertising, privacy, protection of intellectual property rights, prohibition of child pornography, etc. The customer detracts from the developer of any third-party claim that the content of the site`s information violates the generally accepted law, regulation, contract or code of conduct, or violates the intellectual property rights, data protection rights or any other legitimate interest of that third party. « website, » the collection of html pages (Hyper Text Mark-Up Language), Server Pages (ASP, PHP, JSP, ASPX, …), files, images, dynamic information and machine-readable object code, as it exists on the day of this agreement, as well as any future changes and additions of the above data agreed in writing by the parties; 9.1 The service contract comes into effect on the effective date. « Skilldeal » and/or « Developer » means Skilldeal SPRL 20.2 Nothing in the service agreement is constituted or interpreted as a partnership, joint venture or agency relationship between the contracting parties for any purpose. 8.1 Contracting Parties keep confidential information confidential, unless: 2.3 Each contracting party is allowed to terminate the contract without notice in the event of bankruptcy, termination of payment or composition in the event of the bankruptcy of the other party or a case that seriously violates its rights. « subscription, » the annual or quarterly subscription fee for the provision of services specified in the service agreement. In order to avoid any doubt, despite all the agreements that EDI can enter into with regard to the payment of the subscription by the subscriber, all EDI services are provided on the basis of a minimum one-year subscription period.

12.1 None of the parties may use the name or trademark or identity of the other contracting party in the advertisement, advertising, advertising marketing or correspondence, unless the other party`s prior written consent has been obtained, provided that EDI can use the subscriber`s name in documents containing lists of subscribers who may publish the EDI of the time or use for advertising purposes: Solange: 10.6 In order to ensure compliance with the terms of this agreement, and in particular those covered in point 2.2 and this clause 10, EDI cannot conduct a review of the use of the data in writing and during normal business hours, or designate an appropriate and qualified external party (« the auditor »). The review also takes place on the subscriber`s premises, which the subscriber has deemed, in agreement with the EDI, the most appropriate location for the examination.

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