Trustworthy Cloud Service Level Agreement Enforcement With Blockchain Based Smart Contract

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Taherizadeh, S., Stankovski, V.: Dynamic multi-step rules for automatic scale of containerized applications. It`s Comput. D 62 (2), 174-197 (2019) Implementation. The emergence of blockchain technology brings a Savi, M., Santoro, D., Di Meo, K., Pizzolli, D., Pincheira, M., Giaffreda, R., Cretti, S., Sw, Kum, Siracusa, D.: A blockchain-based brokerage platform for the Federation of Fog Resources. In: Conference on Cloud, Internet and Network Innovation (2020), Springer Nature remains neutral regarding court claims in published maps and institutional affiliations. Castillo, E.A., Ahmadinia, A.: Distributed deep convolutional neural network for smart camera image recognition. In: Proceedings of the 11th International Conference on Distributed Smart Cameras, S. 169-173 (2017) Kochovski, P., Drobintsev, P.D., Stankovski, V.: Formalquality of Service Assurances, Ranking and Verification of Cloud Deployment Options with a probabilistic model checking method. Information and software technology. (2019) a new role called « witness » for detection and coverage service Zhang, F., Cecchetti, E., Croman, K., Juels, A., Shi, E.: Town Cry: A data flow authenticated for intelligent contracts.

Cryptology ePrint Archive, Report 2016/168, (2016) We developed the system using smart contracts Kochovski, P., Gec, S., Stankovski, V., Bajec, M., Drobintsev, P.D.: Trust Management in a blockchain-based fog computing platform with reliable intelligent oracles. Future. Gener. It`s Comput. System. 101, 747-759 (2019) blockchain. To meet this challenge, we offer a Witness Hang, L., Kim, D.H.: Sla-based sharing Economy Service with an intelligent contract for the integrity of resources in the Internet of Things. Appl. Sci. 9 (17), 3602 (2019) Managing Service Level Agreements (SLAs) in edge-to-cloud computing is a complex task due to the high heterogeneity of IT infrastructures and networks and their different terms of use that influence the resulting quality of service (QoS).

ALA management should be supported by formal assurances, rankings and revisions of various options for the provision of micro-services. This work presents an innovative intelligent contract architecture (SC) that enables SLA management between the entities involved and the players in a decentralized IT environment: Virtual Machines (VMs), Cloud Service Consumer and cloud providers. The most important components are specially developed SC features, a trusted Smart Oracle (Chainlink) and a probabilistic Markov decision-making process. Innovative architecture is implemented on Ethereum ledger (Testnet). The results show its feasibility for the management of ALS, including low cost exploitation within dynamic and decentralized edge-to-cloud associations. Gill, S.S., Buyya, R.: Resource Provisioning based scheduling framework for execution of heterogene and clustered workloads in clouds: from fundamental to autonomic offering. Journal of Grid Computing 17 (3), 385-417 (2019) Pa`inski, U., Trnkoczy, J., Stankovski, V., Cigale, M., Gec, S.: Qos-aware orchestration of network intensive software utilities within software defined data centers. Journal of Grid Computing 16 (1), 85-112 (2018) Model with game theory and intelligent contract techniques. Mubeen, S., Asadollah, S.A., Papadopoulos, A.V., Ashjaei, M., Pei-Breivold, H., Behnam, M.: Management of Service Level Agreements for cloud services in iot: a systematic mapping study.

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