Upcoming Changes To The Amazon Services Business Solutions Agreement

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You`ll find answers to frequently asked questions in frequently asked questions about the collection of tax on marketplaces. Consider working with your tax advisor to determine any outstanding tax transfer and reporting obligations your business may have. Public holidays are a critical part of many sellers` business. Looking ahead, there are a few suggestions: we are inserting changes and additions to our Amazon Services Europe Business Solutions agreement and program guidelines that apply to all vendors who use the corresponding services or features. To make advertising on Amazon simpler and more efficient, we are constantly inserting new features for our self-service solutions. In this webiner, let`s take a look at the features we`ve introduced over the past three months. You can see live demonstrations so you know how to use the features to achieve your goals. Set pricing rules for your products to automatically adjust the price if the turnover meets your pre-defined levels. The rules will help you control your prices without constant monitoring or manual changes. Create a rule with the « Automate Prices » tool More information on price automation Welcome to Amazon Services Europe Business Solutions, a suite of optional sales services, including selling on Amazon, Fulfillment by Amazon, Sponsored Ads and Selling Partner API.

Business sellers can view their current tax collection settings in the tax calculation service here. Third-party services can also transfer taxes to states on your behalf. For more information on some of these services, click here from November 4, 2019, from 2:00 p.m. to 2:30 p.m.m (GMT): On this webinar, we`ll briefly discuss all the global opportunities offered to sellers by selling on Amazon. We cover every country from the United States to the United Arab Emirates, their benefits and where to find help (z.B in Seller Central). Click here to register. More webinars to come here. Orders automatically cancelled on the shipping date – 7 business days are counted as defects in your cancellation rate (CR), but directly replace what would have previously been counted as a defect at your late browsing rate. You can monitor both metrics in your account integrity card.

The directive stipulates that sellers must hold a RC below 2.5% to avoid possible activation of accounts. The CR page can be found here. To honour the innovation and contribution of small and medium-sized businesses in their communities and Amazon subsidiaries, we are launching the Amazon Small Business Awards. Automate Pricing allows you to quickly update prices through a large product catalog without spending a lot of time listing H.H. updates. With the new business pricing rules, Amazon`s business sellers can now establish rules that automatically update your business prices and quantity discounts. You can make these updates based on changes in your consumer prices, saving time and effort. As with existing pricing rules, you can control prices by setting regulatory parameters, setting minimum and maximum price limits, and selecting SKUs that automate pricing. You can see your pending return requests on the Manage Returns page in Seller Central. In the event that a customer files a claim and you have not responded to the return request within 48 hours, we will entitle you to that right and debit your account for the amount of the claim. If you feel that we took this step by mistake, please call sellercentral-europe.amazon.com/gp/help/G202041210 17 December 2019, from 10am to 11am.m.

(BST): Learn more about the size of European luck, logistics opportunities for European customers and how to optimise your business to succeed in European markets. This webinar also offers an introduction to the pan-European FBA and a Q-A. If you notice unauthorized orders, offers or other changes to your account, please contact the seller`s support as soon as you ask

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