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The Agreement on Visiting Forces between the Philippines and the United States, sometimes served as the Agreement on Visiting Forces between the Philippines and the United States, is a bilateral agreement on visiting forces between the Philippines and the United States that consists of two separate documents. The first of these documents is commonly referred to as « VFA » or « VFA-1″[1] and the second « VFA-2 » or « counter-agreement ». [2] A visiting forces agreement is a version of a status-of-troop agreement that applies only to troops that are temporarily in a country. The agreements entered into force on 27 May 1999 after ratification by the Senate of the Philippines. [3] [8], [10] The U.S. government considers these documents to be executive agreements that do not require the approval of the U.S. Senate. [3] [42] In accordance with Article V of the Agreement, the detention of U.S. personnel whose cases fall under the jurisdiction of the Philippines shall be « immediately subject to the military authorities of the United States upon request, » from the date of commission of the crime until the completion of all judicial proceedings. But U.S. military authorities must make the defendants available to Philippine authorities « in good time for investigative or judicial proceedings related to the offense. » A5: The termination procedure within the VFA sets a period of 180 days between the announcement of the intention to resign until the official date. In the absence of a new agreement, U.S. forces currently operating in the Philippines must withdraw or find a new legal status.

These include US forces present to support AFP`s fight against Islamic State-linked insurgents in the southern islands. As AFP and broader Philippine government efforts against insurgents advance, U.S. support is strengthening and accelerating progress for the Philippines and slowing, if not reversing, the spread of the Islamic State to Southeast Asia. The main effect of the agreement is that the U.S. government is required to inform the Philippine authorities if it is aware of the arrest, arrest, or detention of Philippine personnel traveling to the United States and, at the request of the Philippine government, to request the competent authorities to relinquish jurisdiction in favor of the Philippines, except in cases that, for the U.S. Department of State or Defense, are particularly the interest, that`s it. [2] [VIII 1] Waiver of jurisdiction in the United States. . . .

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