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A person who acts as a volunteer at the university is subject to the provisions of this directive and may be subject to certain additional conditions that may be met as a volunteer prior to that person`s service, based on the classification of the person appointed by a university representative. Level 1 is the standard level for volunteers, while levels 2 and 3 require additional conditions. The university reserves the right to require additional conditions for each volunteer. The levels and conditions are shown below. We will always treat our volunteers in accordance with the UUCLs equal opportunities policy. We expect volunteers to actively maintain this in their own volunteer functions. For more information on UCL`s equal opportunity policy, click here. We recommend that you consider this policy when recruiting other volunteers for your activities. The university may accept the services of a volunteer, provided that the conditions of this directive are met. At its discretion, the university may refuse, refuse or suspend the services of a volunteer for non-discriminatory reasons.

Once admitted as a volunteer (counsellor/coach) and under the university`s COVID-19 protocols, you must complete a health questionnaire before each visit. The first step to volunteering (adviser/coach) at Wittenberg University is to fill out a volunteer contract form. This allows us to conduct a substantive review and give you permission for your role. For those who have been volunteers in Wittenberg for some time, this is a new process. As a volunteer, you agree to behave at the university in a manner consistent with the university`s values and mission and are subject to the university`s standards of conduct and guidelines, including the university`s standards of safety and security, sexual harassment and sexual misconduct, drug and alcohol abuse, confidentiality, tobacco-free campuses, non-discrimination and equality of opportunity. These guidelines can be checked in the university staff manual. k. A volunteer is not allowed to hold a leadership position at the university; May not direct other staff, work or programs, or be identified as « director » or by a similar term; does not have the authority to make decisions about the employment or conditions of employment of a university staff member (for example. B monitoring tasks, including, but not only on hiring capacity, fire, etc.); does not have the authority to provide significant academic resources to another party, service, project, etc.

and is unable to contract the university.

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